We have never discovered a hidden treasure, we have never explored unknown territories, we have never left on a spaceship to go where no one has ever gone before... but we feel like brothers to those who do

from a member of the Royal Geographical Society

TLI Space combines the investment experience of Cenciarini & Co. and the industrial expertise of MaxQ Space Business


Identify and invest in space and tech companies that address humanity's challenges and improve life on Earth, foster their growth, and achieve high returns on investment

Space and AI are crucial for addressing the significant challenges facing Earth

The space and technology sectors are vast and rapidly evolving, with innovative technologies, business models, and competitive dynamics offering unparalleled business opportunities

To capitalize on these opportunities, it is essential to be at the forefront of entrepreneurship and commerce, as well as to possess mastery in technical and technological areas

We know how to navigate confidently in unexplored territories and have the expertise to identify and select the best companies, assist them in successfully meeting competitive challenges and fostering their growth


A proven track record of success
A unique and high value deal flow

We actively participate in the space and tech ecosystem, operating within its dynamic landscape and we have extensive and deep global network. Thanks to this we gain access to unique and valuable insights ahead of time regarding potential investment targets

A clear investment strategy
Ability to select the best companies and help them to grow

Our proven early-stage investment and entrepreneurship experience and deep space economy and tech competencies make us able to select the best companies to invest in and help them to grow, generating value and industry-leading returns for our partners and investors

We partner with industry and institutions, including:
Esa Investor Network
Esa Bic Torino
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